Aktion Club

What is Aktion Club?

Aktion Club is a community-service club comprised of adults living with disabilities.  Its mission is:

To provide disabled adults the opportunity to:

  • Develop initiative and leadership
  • Serve their community
  • Be integrated into society
  • Demonstrate the dignity and value of disabled citizens

The Aktion Club in Hamilton, Montana helps its members develop positive self-esteem, listening and speaking skills, and leadership abilities.  The club’s members form its government and control its operations.

How does Aktion Club help Bitterroot Valley Kiwanis?

The local Aktion Club is an integral part of Kiwanis’s operations.  Aktion Club members provide invaluable support in ensuring community service and fundraising activities are successful.  For example, Aktion Club members fill in staffing gaps in Kiwanis’s Ravalli County Fair booth, the club’s largest fundraiser.  Additionally, the Aktion Club raises its own funds and engages in its own community service activities.  Essentially, Bitterroot Valley Kiwanis is lucky to have Aktion Club’s support!

How does Bitterroot Valley Kiwanis help Aktion Club?

Kiwanis provides support in both financial and time resources to ensure Aktion Club can continue to operate.  Additionally, Kiwanians provide valuable opportunities for disabled adults to interact in various social situations.  Whether at the weekly meetings, fundraisers, or service opportunities, both Kiwanians and Aktion Club members enjoy significant growth opportunities from each other!

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